An interesting software option – Tonality Pro – has just been announced and caught my eye.

For those interested in producing monochrome images, with the precision of a skilled darkroom worker, but the benefits of software, it is I think worth a look.

Many know of my interest in monochrome, it is the way I learned my ‘craft’, so I think I am going to try this program.

As a stand alone, or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Elements, and Apple’s Aperture, Tonality Pro appears to have a lot of tools. So it is well worth reading through the product description.

Nik Software with Silver Effx Pro, DXO and others offer respected software for the dedicated black and white worker. There may now be one more to seriously consider. Even though it is ‘monochrome’ some of the ‘presets’ use selective colour use for various effects.

I will comment further once I have had a chance to use the program.

Tonality Pro is available for an intro offer price of £34.99. It is a download only and Color Confidence are the sole distributers.

It is a Mac only product.

For more information please: Click Here.

End. (04/08/14).