February 2014
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I am delighted to say that in conjunction with Sekonic and Calumet, we are running two mini workshops for those wishing to understand and fully appreciate the potential of hand held light metering for ambient and or flash photography.

A separate light meter can seem a bit ‘tecky’ to the unitiated.

But combining my shooting experience and technical skills having used them over decades,  we will open things up, and translate into understandable and repeatable skills, for a lifetime of shooting.

Suitable for anyone no matter their meter, if you purchase a qualifying meter from a Calumet store between now and February 1st, you will qualify for a free place on one or both mini workshops each day, at either the London or Manchester locations.

These take place during February 2014.

If you already have a meter of any genre, you can also join the course, details of the cost is on the web site.

For more details, please: Click below to go to the Calumet web site.

For more details, please: Click below to be taken to the Calumet web site.

February 12th 2014 AM Mini Workshop London.
February 12th 2014 PM Advanced Mini Workshop London.

February 19th 2014 AM Mini Workshop Manchester.
February 19th 2014 PM Advanced Mini Workshop Manchester.