When: Wednesday February 19th.
Where: Manchester.
Level Of Content: Intro/Intermediate/Advanced.




L-478D_frontA hand held light/flash meter used to be a major part of any photographers outfit. While no longer used as widely, those in the know shooting in numerous types of photography still use one.

With daylight, flash or a combination of light sources, they can give control that in camera options can not.

I have been using such for decades, and am delighted to offer in conjunction with Sekonic and Calumet the following courses designed to help anyone understand quickly and realistically what they and your camera can do.

There are two mini workshops one am and one pm.

The first (AM) deals with the basics of metering types, uses and relating that to the wider questions of exposure and dynamic range.

The afternoon mini workshop is ideal for those with the more sophisticated meters, dealing with among others with spot ambient/flash measurements, mixed light sources and more.

The events can be purchased as single session or the full day option.

Calumet London and Manchester are our locations.

If you purchased a Selonic meter from Calumet during the qualifying period (until February 1st), you gain free entry to one or both sessions depending on the model purchased.

Even if you do not own one of those featured models, no matter the make, these events are for the benefit of anyone using hand held metering and wishing to understand how to utalise what they offer.

Calumet Manchester Wednesday (PM) February 19th 2014 Stage 1: Please Click Here.

Calumet Manchester Wednesday (AM) February 19th 2014 Stage 2: Please Click Here.