As with most photographers I have a selection of reflectors, those made by Lastolite that I use. In fact, I still have one of the originals the company produced in the 1980’s, but both of us are probably past their best by now. Recently though I had a chance to use the new California Sunbounce Sun-Mover during one afternoon, and was impressed with its potential.

The Effects. Image © California Sunbounce

It is easy to think that a reflector is a reflector is a reflector, but whilst I have found the price of this brand a little high, there is no denying that the range is widely used and respected around the globe. And I always feel it is well made.

The ‘Sun Mover’ is easy for an assistant too grip, or could be attached to stands when working alone. Impressive on a particularly bright sunny afternoon, was its ability to concentrate or spread the reflected sunlight illumination simply by bending the hand grips to create a concave or convex shape. To be honest, the downside was that it simply was too intense for many minutes use, before our model became uncomfortable with the intense glare on the day in question.

Image © California Sunbounce

For many though it should prove a worthwhile investment that over the years will more than pay for itself if used regularly. It certainly seemed pretty sturdy. The one I used was silver/gold stripes on one side, and white on the other. You can obtain the California Sunbounce Sun Mover from amongst others Calumet.

End. (01/07/10).