This morning brings the news that Steve Job’s’, the cofounder of Apple has passed away.

It started me thinking about just how much of an effect, that brand has had on the typical working photographers life, let alone the countless non professionals who take pictures for pleasure.

Going back say to the 80’s Apple, was used a lot by various ‘creatives’, but what an achievement in that not only has that number exploded, but so has it’s mass market appeal as well.

Too create products that appeal across such a vast range of interests and needs is amazing.

There are now so many photographers using Mac computers, i Phones and iPads that it is becoming as common to see them as it is a Nikon or a Canon camera.

And while in the general populace other computer brands may still be the big seller, many locations where the worlds top pro’s gather for international events, it is the Mac that is the noticeable choice of pro photographers.

But no matter your choices, Steve Job’s has played an enormous role in creating the way we communicate in the modern world, as I think the President acknowledged in his words of sympathy.

Few change the everyday world in a peaceful way, so he has left a wonderful legacy.

But no company is a success just down to one person, so other talents at Apple now have the challenge of maintaining the standards set by Mr Jobs.

Condolences to his family and friends.

End. (06/10/11).