News came to late last week of the passing of Sir Kenneth Corfield.
I never met him, but was aware of his contribution to our own camera industry and beyond.

Paula Pell-Johnson, Managing Director of Linhofstudio Ltd who knew him well, wrote these words reproduced here, along with some background information on Sir Kenneth’s distinguished career:

Sir Kenneth Corfield. FR Eng D.Sc FI MECH E Hon FIEE D.Sc ENg
January 27th 1924 – January 11th 2016

The founder of K G Corfield Ltd who brought us such gems as the Corfield Periflex in the 1950’s and the Corfield WA67 in the 1980’s passed away peacefully with his wife Lady Patricia Corfield and daughter Caroline Corfield Rose beside him.
After his ventures with the Corfield Camera ended in the early 1960’s Sir Kenneth continued to have a distinguished career culminating in the Chairman and Chief Executive of Standard Telephones & Cables plc. in 1979. In 1980 he was awarded a Knighthood for his services to export.
Photography was never far from his heart and in the 1980’s he designed a new architectural camera, the Corfield WA 67 and reformed K G Corfield Ltd. During this time he also secured the continuation of Gandolfi cameras from the Gandolfi brothers. All this in his spare time whilst he continued to work from London offices until he was 85.
Few people had as much of an impact as Sir Kenneth on the British photographic industry.

Paula Pell-Johnson of Linhof Studio Ltd:
‘I was 19 years old when I first met Sir Kenneth. He walked into our small showroom in WC1 and purchased a Linhof Camera. Our friendship was formed and after losing my father when I was in my early 20’, Sir Kenneth became my ‘go-to’ person for all things business. He was the most generous person with his time and knowledge and I was both privileged and blessed to have had such a mentor. Our lunches together and with work friends will always be remembered fondly but my favourite times were our regular chats over coffee in his offices discussing new technology and the ever changing face of the photographic industry. His finger was always on the pulse until his retirement in his mid 80’s’.
Paula will attend Sir Kenneths private funeral – however- if anyone would like to send condolences- please forward to Linhof Studio Ltd. who will ensure they are given to Sir Kenneth’s family’.

End (28/01/16).