Sigma Corporation have announced the death of its founding CEO Mr Michihiro Yamaki.

I had been told that he was not in good health, and I post the official details here as his ideas and influence have put Sigma on the map as a significant player in today’s photographic world for many.

Time will tell how the corporation adjusts, but Michihiro Yamaki certainly laid the foundations.

And although Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd was only set up in 2000, the products were imported previously (I think by CZ Scientific),  so the companies influence in the UK market stretches back now some way.

Whilst optics are the corner stone of the companies success they also market numerous cameras and flash units.

Our condolences to Mr Yamaki’s family and all at Sigma Corporation.


PRESS RELEASE January 2012

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our CEO, Mr Michihiro Yamaki. Mr Yamaki, who founded the embryonic Sigma Corporation fifty years ago, lost his fight against cancer on 18th January 2012.

Mr Michihiro Yamaki guided the Sigma Corporation from its modest beginnings as the smallest of over fifty lens manufacturers in Japan to its eminent position today as a leading and well respected lens designer and manufacturer and an innovative and cutting edge maker of digital cameras.

All who knew Mr Yamaki admired his hard work and dedication to Sigma yet his total commitment was tempered by his consideration for his employees, associates and customers. His considerable contribution to the photographic world was recognised by many accolades throughout his life not least being the PMA Hall of Fame Award, the Golden Photokina Pin and the United Nations International Photographic Council Hall of Fame Award.

Mr Yamaki will be sadly missed but his energetic, capable and compassionate leadership style will be carried forward by his son, Mr Kazuto Yamaki as the Sigma Corporation, despite being highly influential, remains very much a family owned business.



Name: Michihiro Yamaki

Current Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Date of Birth: August 2nd, 1933

Date of Decease: (at the age of 78) January 18th, 2012, Wednesday

September, 1961 established Sigma Research Center

November, 1970: officially changed trade name to Sigma Corporation

November, 1979: established Sigma Germany

May, 1983: established Sigma Hong Kong

May, 1986: established Sigma America


May, 1991: established Sigma Benelux

April, 1992: established Sigma Singapore

September, 1993: established Sigma France

November, 2000: established Sigma U. K.

March, 2000: received PMA Hall of Fame Award

March 2003: received PMA Hall of Fame Award

February, 2009: received International Photographic Council (IPC) of UN Hall of Fame Award

February, 2011:  received Golden Photokina Pin

 End. (30/01/12).