Portraits are such important photographs. From the beginner to the pro, this event has plenty to offer to any one wishing to shoot high quality portraits with studio lighting.

It is an ideal follow on from our ‘The Lighting Studio’ workshop as it covers in much more depth lighting specifically for portraits.

Those attending leave with a wide range of lighting skills and other techniques for producing high quality portraits in colour or monochrome, regardless of face/body shapes.



Upcoming Workshop Dates & Locations:

New dates for this course will be posted very soon.


Some of the content covered: 

  • Judging your subject and how to light them to enhance/hide key aspects.
  • Shooting soft lighting portraits.
  • Shooting hard light portraits.
  • Sculpting your subject with or without light.
  • Using Studio Lighting indoors or out, explained and explored.
  • Shoot classic techniques such as ‘Rembrant’ lighting, high Key and others.
  • The right light shaping accessory for the effects desired.
  • Finding the right pose and angles.
  • The right lens for the right reasons.
  • Clothes and accessories – finding the best look.
  • Into post capture.
  • Practical sessions throughout.