The landscape remains what it always has been, an inspiration for various forms of art and artists.
We are no different as photographers, in fact, why not bring a strength of photography – controllable lighting – to the landscape?

I have suggested on other lighting courses for many years, just how useful a Speedlight or two could be for those with an interest in the landscape image.
It simply changes what is possible.

This event is suitable for the beginner through to the pro and great value for those who do not wish to attend a full day workshop.

It is based on real experience and includes content not found elsewhere in a single event.


Further dates and locations will be posted soon.

Some key areas covered include:

Ambient light – pro’s and cons of landscape shooting.

Flash – what it brings to the table in landscape photography.

Best camera and flash settings for metering and exposure.

How to set-up your Speedlights/Speedlites for outdoor shooting.

Unique things you need to know about flash in this genre.

Understanding and using your RGB histogram.

Seeing the light when there is not any of note.

Lighting for subtlety or drama.

Placing your flash(es) for best effect.

Do you need any light shaping accessories? If so what works well?