JCI782816528_131-2-2‘Metering. Exposure & Colour – Shoot It Like A Pro’ is for all levels of photographer.

The beginner who wishes to make rapid progress, the enthusiast and pro, wanting to enhance and cement their understanding, techniques, and smooth their workflow. Anyone who wants to obtain better images out of camera,

This is a unique ‘crash course’ in applying photography’s fundamentals. Not just the basics, clearly explained in our usual, easy to follow ways, but practicals to cement the content.

Next comes the more capable tools and skills to use them that often go ignored as they need explaining.

Before we look at ‘outside’ the box techniques and tools for those special situations, or the advanced user who feels held back by the limitations of doing things ‘by the book’.

Warmly received, this course can certainly save years of trial and error with its clarity and content. I am unaware of any other course that covers so much in a day, but without making it ‘overload’ and loose its meaning.

One of the most informative and enlightening of courses for those who want the best exposures and colour/tones in their images.

This Course Has No Confirmed Dates At The Moment.