When: Wednesday November 25th 2015.
Where: Park Cameras (London).
Level Of Content: intermediate/Advanced.

‘Shoot It like A Pro – Metering, Exposure & Colour’, takes each crucial aspect to successful image making from the basics.

Then step-by-step, clearly explains the tools, techniques and how things work for anyone from the beginner to the pro wishing to shoot high level images, with these key technical aspects working as smoothly as possible.

For the photographer, less post capture repair work, less stress, and more enjoyment result.

We tackle the real world issues of needing different approaches based on various subject types and time available.

But show how inspiring all this knowledge can be, when as much as possible can be put into practice.

Presented in a clear understandable way, it is not ‘heavy’ but will pay for itself over and over again going forwards.

From the landscape to portrait photography, and pretty much everything in between. It will open up a lifetime of useful information.

So we can promise the most informative of days. Filled with things you either can not get elsewhere or certainly find easily. Including in depth subjects presented in our easy to follow way style.

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End. (01/10/15).