The importers of Sekonic light meters have today announced a ‘bundle’ package for the popular L-478 models.

Available across many photographic retail outlets, the spot finder opens up even more possibilities.And don’t forget, if you decide purchase through Calumet, you will be eligible for a free place on my light metering seminars.

Please see yesterdays post ‘The Art Of Hand Held Metering’ for details.

If you purchase elsewhere, or you have another brand of meter you can also book onto the courses. Prices and details are on the Calumet web site again accessible from yesterdays post.

Here we go with the Sekonic promotion details:

L-478 Bundle Kit

For a limited time only and whilst stocks last Sekonic will be offering the L-478D and L-478DR light meters in a bundle kit, which includes the meter, 5 degree spot finder and new meter/spot finder case. All three items are offered at an attractive bundle price of 15% off the regular individual pricing SRP (inc VaSekonic L-478DR Bundle Kit

JP Code: 651133

SRP: £444.99 inc VAT

Sekonic L-478D Bundle Kit

JP Code: 651132

SRP: £399.99 inc VAT