Sadly today news has arrived that one of our well known professional retailers has passed away.

Robert White was well known within the industry.

While I can not say I knew him well, we met on numerous occasions over the years, and I always found him polite and courteous.
People spoke well of him, and he was by all accounts an interesting guy.

His retail outlet in Pool Dorset impressed me on the few occasions I got there.

Camera equipment for the dedicated and serious photographer, covering all formats was lovely to see in an age where many of the products stocked were difficult to see in many other places.

Real cameras for real photographers is the way I would sum that up.

Many of his staff also came on my Nikon training events over the years and their knowledge always shone.

Here are a few words from Hardy Hasse who for a while now has been continuing Roberts fine ideals of what a ‘proper’ photographic store should be:






It is with sadness that we must tell you that Robert White passed away yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 24th of November 2015.
After a long and courageous battle with NET cancer, he was diagnosed over three years ago, his suffering is now over and he is at rest.

Robert started his business in 1982 in his hometown of Poole and it became one of the largest independent photographic suppliers in the UK.
His success enabled him to follow his many interests and he built one of the largest privately held motorcycle collections in the UK.
Cameras, watches, sports cars, steam cars and engines were all part of his passion for craftsmanship and excellence in engineering.
Robert was an very intelligent man with never-ending curiosity, a great character, eccentric some might call him, and we will miss him.

Hardy Haase.

End. (25/11/15).