Flaghead Photographic have announced a lowering in price of the Rayflash Rotator.

This is one of the few portable flash accessories I have not tried, while maybe not for use all the time,  I can see some interesting uses for it. Here are the details:


Price Reduction on the Rayflash Rotator

Flaghead Photographic, the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for RayfLash products, is pleased to announce a major price reduction for the Rayflash Rotator!

A reduction of £30 brings the new price to only £99 plus Vat (£118.80 inclusive of Vat).

Rotator product details:

A 360° rotating flash bracket with fast, continuous positioning around the lens, keeps the flash unit on top of the lens and thereby prevents ugly side shadows!

– Revolutionary design
- Quick & easy mounting without tools
- Fast positioning anywhere around the lens
- Use with Nikon & Canon cameras for full TTL use

No shadow or Monster shadow: your choice!

The RayFlash Rotator is the first rotating flash bracket in the world with full TTL capabilities (Nikon/Fuji & Canon). It allows the flash unit to be positioned anywhere around the lens to avoid harsh side shadows normally associated with an on-camera flash in the vertical position. OR, for very dramatic light effects, use the flash position to create monster shadows!

Mounting the Rotator is easy, no need for tools. The package comes with a set of mounting brackets to suit different camera heights.

Diameter: 138 mm Weight: 495 g

Code Description Price excl. Vat Price incl. Vat

RRC ROTATOR CANON 99.00 118.80

RRN ROTATOR NIKON 99.00 118.80

 End. (11/01/12).