Profoto has announced some offers on parts of its extensive lighting system. Highly respected, it is used widely by some of the worlds best photographers. Here are the details:

Image © Profoto

Professional photographers need flash units that are powerful, consistant and easy to use. Profoto has produced such flash units for over forty years, and today we are proud to be known as the first choice amongst leading photographers.

Profoto has developed a lighting kit especially for those of you thst shoot social, wedding and portrait photographs.

We are a growing Profoto family and we would like you to join us. That is why we now offer a 15 % discount on the Profoto D1 Studio & Basic Kits.*

Find out more about these kits here.

* The Profoto D1 offer is valid until 30th September 2011


Profoto Pro-7b 1200


Our Classic high-capacity battery powered generator for total freedom on location. Superb for situations when more power is needed.

The Pro-7b is now available at £2495 plus a FREE (Pro-b) head.*
Also fully compatible with the NEW Profoto Pro-B Mains Dock.



Profoto Acute B2 AirS Kit

Famous quality and reliability of Profoto in a small battery generator. Lightweight, fast, high capacity plus superior radio Air sync.

  • Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate battery, state of the art battery technology
  • Small and Lightweight, only 3,6 kg including LiFe battery
  • Up to 200 flashes at full power
  • Extreme long battery lifetime, 4 times longer than Pb
  • Recycling time, 0.08 – 2.0 s
  • Short flash duration, 1/6800 – 1/1000 s.
  • Built in Profoto AirS, radio sync system, for triggering from up to 300 m and shortest sync times
  • Wide power range of 7 f-stop, 9 – 600 Ws

Free Profoto AcuteB Head included.*