ProFoto is one of the brands I trust in as a professional photographer as many of you know.

When the B1 system was announced late last year, my initial reaction at the launch event was that they would be a ‘game changer’ (Click Here).

Certainly not for everyone, but if you need the power, recycling speed and an inspiring range of light shaping accessories alongside, they provide an excellent mobile solution for many needs.


Battery powered, I was a little unsure about just how good they could be. But now, having used them on numerous occasions, I feel confident in suggesting them when they seem an appropriate product for peoples needs.

Just had this information release come through about the B1 ‘location kit’.

I have been using just that recently. And while it is not the lightest backpack of equipment compared to say a Speedlight outfit, it is not too heavy for a reasonable fit photographer to carry for decent periods. The backpack is well made.

You can also rent the ProFoto system of course through companies such as Calumet.

If you want to utalise the TTL flash capability, this at the moment is only possible with the E-TTL Air Remote TTL unit for Canon users. The Nikon version is coming later this year.

That said, they can be used with manual output with any brand of camera which is the way I have been using them mostly. Anyway, here are the details.


The Profoto B1 is not a stay-at-home flash. Its TTL function shines the brightest in challenging lighting conditions. Its cordless operation unleashes your creativity and makes it want to run free in the wild.

The B1 Location Kit was designed with this in mind. The kit contains two B1 off-camera flashes, two batteries, one Fast Charger and one Car Charger. Bring it with you wherever your creativity leads you. Who knows where it will take you?


•        2 x B1 off-camera flash
Cordless, battery-powered off-camera flash with TTL.
•        2 x Li-Ion battery
Provides 220-50.000 flashes in a single charge depending on flash output.
•        1 x Fast Charger 4.5A
Recharges the battery in only one hour. Plus it is safe and very easy to use.
•        1 x Car Charger 1.8A
Recharge the battery from a standard car cigarette connector!
•        1 x BackPack M
Comfortable and tailor-made backpack with plenty of space.

End. (20/05/14).