_DSC0367For me combining two of the brands that have served me so well as a pro photographer, just makes sense.

Today, ProFoto’s B1 off camera flash, with remote TTL or Manual control for Nikon cameras, has become available.

With the power of studio lighting, but a vast range of light shaping tools this does ofter an unbeatable combination of features for Nikon shooters. Canon users have had this capability for a while with the B1 off camera flash units and an Air TTL-C controller.

I can see social photographers professional or enthusiasts enjoying this flexibility in particular. But there are plenty of other uses also.

I have been using the combination first since the launch with Canon dedication or manual control, but more recently with an Air Remote TTL-N controller for Nikon.

The accompanying shot was taken on a Nikon D800 using TTL with two B1 heads.

I certainly like what I have seen so far using the items for a short while prior to the launch, and will post more as the kit gets used.

It does herald some exciting new possibilities for Nikon photographers.

Not least of which is significant power, but with portability and unrivalled light sculpting options.

End. (15/09/14).