Product photography ‘From The Ground-Up’ is a workshop packed with things you simply can not pick up easily if at all, except through a practical workshop or shooting experience.

Step – by – step, it is a fascinating day, opening up product shooting skills from here on in, taking lots off of the learning curve and making the process logical but fun.

It is also useful for those interested in shooting ‘Still-Life’ subject matter, or simply with a desire to understand further what controllable lighting can do for your photography.

Please bring your camera and lens, a ‘macro’ or other quality close shooting lens, as this day is based around practical shooting components.

Lighting and some optics will also be supplied for use on the day.



Upcoming Workshop Dates, Locations & Further Information:

A new 2017 date for this workshop will be announced. Please bare with us until we can.

Some of the content covered includes:

This workshop will focus on the following elements:

  • Placing and preparing the product.
  • Composition, angles and focus point.
  • Background options.
  • Practical camera modes.
  • Getting the right exposure.
  • Getting accurate or desired colour.
  • How to minimize post capture correction.
  • Lighting choices – ambient portable flash, studio flash lighting or LED?
  • Utilizing common lighting accessories.
  • Creating the desired shape, line and form.
  • Dealing with reflections.
  • Lighting different subjects – how and why.
  • The best depth-of-field usage.
  • Basic post production correction.
  • Producing the right file for the right use.
  • Tethered shooting.
  • File storage and retrieval.
  • Useful third-party accessories.