Now winter is approaching with parts of Scotland forecast with snow and ice today, a reminder that it is no reason to stay inside during the winter months, although lighting with Speedlights or studio lighting can be a wonderful solution for interior photography.

But, as any good landscape photographer will tell you, there are still many evocative images to be had. And over the decades some wonderful winter scenes have been captured in both colour and monochrome.

We will get a good dose of harsher, high contrast lighting that can be utalised, as well as softer misty lower contrast situations. And not just for scenics either, but for eye catching people shots as well.

So the tip today is why not make a plan now for the shots you may want to look back on come the spring having tackled and nailed. Maybe its a particular scene in nature, or a building covered in snow. You may not get them, but instead something even better could result from that starting point.

The key to me is to have a plan as that gets the mind focused. Just like having a brief as a pro for a particular job it is useful to have a road to follow. That is better often than shooting anything and everything.

Obviously everyones comfort and safety should be uppermost in what we do, so the right clothing and supporting items should be used. Keep an eye on forecasts, and light as it changes during the daylight hours in direction and character, so you can get out at the right time with the least exposure to the elements.

The one sure thing is that you wont get anything if you are a photographer that hibernates.

End. (25/11/10).