Time for another ‘Pro Tip’.

This is a tip important for most photographers. Do you know what your personal ISO threshold is? Specifically are you aware of the highest ISO rating you can shoot at, before noise becomes a distracting issue for your taste?

This will differ from photographer to photographer, and depends amongst others, on the shooting situation, your cameras sensor and software, lighting, and exposure accuracy. So you need to test this based on what you do, and the way you do it. Be careful of generalisations from other photographers, as that may only be moderately accurate for you.

For my cameras I know the maximum ISO rating I can shoot at before I have to undertake post capture correction. Or how far I can push it for when I have time for noise reduction during post capture. Different cameras mean different ratings.

But if you dont know your ISO threshold, then you or a camera using Auto ISO may go too far. That can result in an insurmountable amount of noise, even with the best post capture software.

And dont forget noise reduction either in camera or afterwards tends to soften the image to a greater or lesser degree.

End. (08/02/10).