PocketWizard are widely used products.Keeping up to date and compatible with the latest cameras is important.

After all, what good are your existing products if you can not use them with your new cameras?The company has just released this press release to confirm compatibility with the latest Nikon and Canon DLSR’s.

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PocketWizard Photo Products Announces TTL Compatibility with the Nikon D810, Canon 70D and numerous other Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

Latest TTL firmware update expands extensive list of compatible cameras making PocketWizard more in sync with what today’s photographers are shooting with.

Woohoo New PocketWizard Firmware Update

So. Burlington, VT – August 5, 2014 – LPA Design, manufacturers of PocketWizard Photo Products, the world leader in wireless control of cameras, flash lighting and flash power control with Sekonic light meters, announces today a new update to its ControlTL firmware for both Nikon and Canon versions of its MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 radios.

Firmware version 3.700 for Nikon includes compatibility with the recently released D810, D610, D4S and other Nikon cameras. Additionally, firmware version 6.700 for Canon now provides TTL compatibility with the Canon 1D X, 6D and T4i as well as other recently released Canon cameras. See the compatibility list below.

Any current owner of the ControlTL system can easily install this version via USB and update for free using thePocketWizard Utility. PocketWizard Utility version 1.54 or later is required before installing this update.“Not only are we now compatible with all current Canon and Nikon DSLRs, we’ve added resources to our firmware department allowing us to have a significant breakthrough in firmware development.

We can react much more quickly to newer cameras entering the market,” said Heather Ambrose, Marketing Director at LPA Design, the company that manufacturers PocketWizard Photo Products. “We received a Nikon D810 two weeks ago and our firmware engineers got right on it. A focused look under the hood and they found that the camera behaved similar to the D4S. After a few iterations of firmware, combined with comprehensive testing, it was determined that the D810 could be added to the current firmware release.

This is by far the fastest turnaround we’ve been able to achieve, and we hope to keep this momentum going.”For more information on how to update PocketWizard products via USB connection and to view current release notes for Nikon firmware update version 3.7 and Canon firmware version 6.7 please click here.

The MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 are now fully compatible with the following recently released Canon and Nikon DSLRs:

Canon Cameras


1D X*


T5i / 700D

T4i* / 650D

T5 / 1200D

SL1 / 100D

Nikon Cameras









* Now with TTL compatibility.

For a complete compatibility list, please visit:Canon Compatibility | Nikon Compatibility

About PocketWizard:Incorporating the latest radio technology, PocketWizard radio triggers exceed the demands of the professional and serious amateur photographer with durability, ease of use, advanced capabilities and legendary reliability.

PocketWizard products, including the PlusX, Plus® III, MiniTT1® and FlexTT5® are made by LPA Design, based in South Burlington, Vermont and sold by distributors around the world.

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