Image © Nikon Corporation

Apart from the pro end of things Nikon seem too be having not too bad time of things with many products. Quite a surprise after the difficulties at not just their, but other companies production plants in Thailand last year.

Image © Nikon Corporation

That is not to say everything is how they wanted but it could have been a lot worse.

For example, Coolpix compacts have sold significantly in 2011, very good numbers in fact. So has the D3100 entry level DSLR, again significantly so.

And in the week before Christmas, the J1 of the Nikon 1 system flew off the shelves in what they say were unbelievable numbers.

So we can expect a continuing battle between Canon and Nikon to be UK market leader across pretty much all areas from point and shoot to pro digital. Somethings never seem to change do they?

Where Nikon I think are weaker is in the D300s and D700 Price points. Nothing wrong with the cameras far from it, but unfortunately (my opinion) we seem to live in a world where your products are seen to age prematurely purely based on their time on the market.

Nonsense of course, fine cameras today and they will be tomorrow. Again, only my opinion.

End. (13/01/12).