Nikon have today announced yet another moderate wide angle, to mid range through short telephoto DX Nikkor lens.

However, this one is different and when you look at the overall spec, the technology and imaging performance is impressive on paper.

The DX format has served so many well that it is nice at last to see the DX optics get among its many technologies, nano crystal coating with this new lens.

And while many Zoom Nikkor DX lenses have been aimed at the entry to enthusiast user, this one is cited as a light weight alternative to the pro’s on the move.

That certainly once you have have done a few years carrying kit day in day out becomes an important consideration.

Here we go with the details.

Travel first class with the new AF-S DX NIKKOR 16–80mm f/2.8–4E ED VR


London, UK, 2nd July 2015: Nikon today announces a brand new high-performance DX-format zoom lens. Equipped with the latest technology and boasting an incredibly compact build, the NIKKOR DX 16–80mm f/2.8–4 is made for photographers with high expectations of their gear.

The perfect go-to travel lens, this advanced, compact zoom weighs just 480 g and balances perfectly on the camera. From sweeping landscapes to intimate portraiture, the broad 16–80mm focal length range easily covers most shooting situations. The bright f/2.8–4 aperture offers a distinctive low-light advantage, and Nikon’s impressive four-stop Vibration Reduction keeps images sharp even at slow shutter speeds. This is the first DX lens to boast some of Nikon’s most recent pro-grade technology, including an electromagnetic diaphragm and a protective fluorine coating. And it’s the first DX lens to include Nikon’s acclaimed Nano Crystal Coat.

Edward Allinson, Junior Product Manager for Lenses & Accessories at Nikon UK says: “The new 16-80mm is an exceptional lens that combines advanced NIKKOR technology with a superior design, encompassed in an extremely versatile and practical body. The incredibly light and compact build of the lens means it’s the ideal travel companion, as it won’t take up too much space in your bag and is guaranteed to capture stunning images. The fast f/2.8-4 aperture and adaptable wide-angle to telephoto coverage means you can use it in any situation, and the Nano Crystal Coat and powerful Vibration Reduction system ensures that you’re well equipped with the latest innovations. These excellent features are all packed into a small, slim-line body which translates into a zoom lens that’s ready for anything. The 16-80mm is proficient enough to cover most shooting situations, whether it is capturing broad landscapes or subtle portraits.”
Fast zoom

The new NIKKOR DX 16–80mm f/2.8–4 is an exciting new option for adventurous photographers. The versatile 5x zoom covers the equivalent of 24–120mm in full-frame format, while the fast maximum aperture opens up more shooting possibilities. Whether you shoot at the wide-angle or telephoto end of the zoom range, you can achieve pleasing background blur, clear low-light shots and distinctive subject / background separation. In addition, the minimum focus distance lets you get as close as 0.35 m.

From landscapes to interiors, and candid street shots to intimate portraits, this fast zoom lens will help you capture stunning high-resolution stories wherever your travels take you.

The latest technology

A host of pro-grade lens technologies ensure this premium DX zoom lens achieves impressive performance. An electromagnetic diaphragm provides more precise exposures, especially when shooting at high frame rates. Nikon’s protective fluorine coat actively repels water, dust, and dirt without compromising image quality, and makes it easier to clean the glass without damaging the surface. In addition, this is the first DX lens to boast Nikon’s renowned anti-reflective Nano Crystal Coat.

Steady and quiet

The NIKKOR DX 16–80mm f/2.8–4 is equipped with the latest generation of Nikon’s impressive Vibration Reduction technology. This means you can shoot at up to four stops slower, without the image-degrading blur that can be caused by camera shake. VR operation is quiet and incorporates two modes (Normal for general handheld shooting and Active to compensate for mechanical vibrational frequencies), as well as automatic tripod detection. While VR keeps images steady, the compact Silent Wave Motor (SWM) enables fast, quiet and accurate autofocus across the zoom range, which is a particular advantage when shooting movies. For critical focus moments, the M/A focus mode switch allows seamless manual focus override.

High optical performance

Designed to maximise the performance of today’s high resolution DX-format D-SLRs, the advanced optical design of this lens features 17 elements in 13 groups. Alongside the Nano Crystal Coat and fluorine coat, there are three aspherical lens elements and four extra-low dispersion (ED) glass elements. Ghosting, flare and aberrations are minimized for high-contrast images under a wide variety of light conditions and across the zoom range.

Perfectly balanced— first class travel

Weighing just 480 g, the size / performance ratio of the NIKKOR DX 16–80mm f/2.8–4 makes it an excellent general-purpose lens and the ideal choice for adventure and travel. The lens balances well on the camera body, and the barrel boasts a rubber ring for protection against the elements. Thanks to the advanced technology packed into its compact dimensions, this lens can satisfy both discerning enthusiasts and pros that want to travel light with a DX-format camera.


The lens is supplied with a dedicated HB-75 Bayonet Hood.

End. (02/07/15).