The Nikon Df looks a nice camera. And to be honest, it feels better than I think the pictures of it convey.

I certainly like the design, and if like me, you grew up with film body Nikon’s, then you will find you can operate it externally without thinking about it.

In that sense conventional designs in comparison sometime seem convoluted.


Nikon from time to time have introduced such ‘special’ cameras as have some other companies.

This helps both give PR coverage and target products to specific niches, let alone the benefits the end user may get from using something different from the norm.

This is usually achieved by utilising as many current components as possible to keep the manufacturing costs down, for what will probably not be a volume seller.

There is no surprise therefore that the D4 16mp sensor is included. I think people will be very pleased with what they get from that.

In fact, I think that the D600/610, would have been served just as well with that option, as their own higher resolution sensor. The shutter looks similar to a D600/610 version in spec also.

In the ‘flesh’ the chrome version looks better to me — more classic — than the black, but both look good. It used to be you bought a black body to look more ‘professional’ and that came with a slight price premium.

Personally I still use manual focus a lot, a dying breed I realise, and I would have liked to have had a manual only focus camera as the exterior is based around manual focus Nikon’s, But thats not a big deal.

The price of second hand manual focus Nikkors will no doubt go up even more.


I think Nikon will sell initially at least, lots of Df cameras. It seems a bit pricey, but such ‘special’ models usually are.

But the question potential purchasers will have to ask themselves if they are simply not blown away with the ‘retro’ look, just what do I get that an existing camera may not have?

For different people there is a different answer of course.

If you have no FX model, and or want the low light performance and high ISO of a D4 sensor, then it is undoubtably a logical choice.

If though you already own an FX model, after the ‘buzz’ of owning a Df has worn off, it may be that it is not used as much as you would have hoped.Df_SL_back

I like it though, both for its design and what it represents, an acknowledgement of Nikon’s fine film camera heritage.