When: Thursday October 9th 2014.
Where: Calumet London.
Level Of Content: Intermediate/Advanced.

D810_24_70_MB_frt34rI am delighted to say that we have a date for a workshop that I have wanted to present for a considerable time.

Our ‘Nikon D800/D800E & D810 – Unleash The Power’ day does just what it says on the tin.

I know delegates will be amazed as we unravel the potential to use these cameras across diverse genres of photography.

Calumet in Drummond Street next to London Euston station are our hosts.

Having shot extensively with the cameras since the D800/E models were introduced, and now with the D810, I can bring genuine real world content to this day, way beyond any ‘official’ publication or magazine reviews.

It is not just about a run through of controls and the theory of what can be done with a D800 series camera.

But instead a step – by -step ‘let us show what can really be achieved’ day. We have put them through the professional ‘mill’ and want to share what has been learned.

Delegates will have a chance to shoot some high quality images, and I will also shoot ‘live’ as we go, so we can illustrate each area covered. Throughout, there will be a joining of the dots across the board, to maximise the quality on offer, through a D800/D800E and D810 workflow.

This will by necessity mean we have to look at everything from exposure and dynamic range, to colour and post capture qualities among others.

And although because of time and location we will be studio based, the days content is going to be a major asset shooting across genres from portraits, fashion, architecture and landscapes to name a few areas that benefit.

But be prepared, as this is my real world take on getting the best out of these cameras, their Nikon and third party products often used professionally alongside, ‘warts and all’.

I am sure this is one event D800 series owners will find uniquely helpful not just now, but into the future.

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Front Page Image:
Nikon D800.
Nikkor 85mm lens.
ProFoto D1 Lighting.

End. (05/09/14).