So who do Nikon feel will be interested in the D7100 most? Well those D7000 users looking to add features, plus those progressing from other Nikons further down the product line.

Image © Nikon Corporation

Image © Nikon Corporation

On the latter I think they are right, the D7100 is a move forward in build, features and potential performance. But as for the first I am not so sure that many will ditch their D7000.

D7000 users are from my experience a happy group of people  – very good camera – and still offering a fine specification. Today its price also makes it very appealing still.

If I were a D7000 user looking to add a body, rather than replace one though, then the D7100 is the logical choice in many ways. Very similar operation – so shortest learning curve – extra features, quick lens selection and use within a multi camera system are just some of those.

Personally though I might well opt for a D600 or D800 as the obvious next addition if they want ‘more’ in as many ways as possible.

Ok you may from some of that think I feel negative towards the D7100, but far from it.

Packed as all cameras are today with features, it is the only current DX model that gives pretty much the current FX cameras feature and technology list in the smaller DX package. It also introduces one or two touches I am sure we will see in new Nikon models in due course.

Image © Nikon Corporation

Image © Nikon Corporation

I like the way the D7100 keeps menus pretty much in tune with other contemporary Nikon cameras, and as time passes, I guess it will no doubt build on the satisfied following of the D7000 and D300s. Bit small for me body only to be honest, but that does not stop me appreciating what I have seen.

I still like the DX format and often shoot it on my D800. After all, this format has served us well for over a dozen years both amateur and pro alike. And it’s improving as cameras and optics move forward.

The D7100 is also worth a look for anyone shooting with an FX model and wanting a smaller companion. Although of course I await to see how it performs with interest.

More to follow…

End. (26/02/13).