Our ‘Flashes Of Inspiration’ workshop has been inspiring and informing photographers of all levels for many years.

Always updated to keep it current, it simply takes potentially years off of the flash photography learning curve. To put it simply…It has helped countless people use portable flash with creativity and confidence, and is a great foundation for flash use.

Packed full of step-by-step guidance for the beginner to the pro, it is suitable for all levels of photography skill. Also any camera and flash system.

A great day of enlightenment for those wishing to learn and master flash use inside and out, and quickly. If you think you don’t like flash, maybe you have not yet seen what you can really achieve with it?

Please bring your camera, flash and a lens (around 85mm on full frame), plus plenty of storage space as this day has practical shooting components to help cement the content.

Upcoming Workshop Dates & Locations:

When Saturday January 6th 2018.
Where: CameraCal (Sussex).
Please Click Here.

Some of the content covered includes:

  • A quick overview of flash and how it works.
  • Understanding a flash unit’s controls and information displays.
  • Understanding your options with camera exposure modes and other camera settings combined with flash.
  • Flash unit exposure modes – what they can and can’t do.
  • Working with flash inside.
  • Understanding & using fill-in flash techniques.
  • Demonstration of lighting quality, and how to control it.
  • Real world guidance and demonstration of practical lighting solutions for common situations.
  • Wireless off camera flash shooting – shaping your light and subjects.
  • Useful third party light shaping tools.
  • Q & A throughout.
  • Course Notes Supplied.