As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I am flattered that so many companies in the world of imaging have over the years asked me to work with them on specific projects, be that as a photographer or also as a ‘technical’ consultant.

Many have gone unmentioned and I respect ‘confidentiality’. However, with the explosion in the last decade of digital photography, with so much to learn on that score, plus the numerous other areas that combine to make great images, I have been pleased to play a significant role in helping to advice those with a desire to learn the skills.

And in my opinion, knowing ‘how’ to light or work with ambient light is one of those must have skills if the pro is to remain as such, the budding pro to successfully become one, and the enthusiast to reach similar high levels of result.

Image © Profoto

And while I have used numerous brands of studio lighting over the decades and continue to use such famous names as Bowens and Elinchrom on many of my lighting courses with partners such as Calumet and Park Cameras, the brand I reach for most often is Profoto. I was delighted therefore to be approach by such a highly respected manufacturer to head up their ‘Profoto Lighting School’ which will commence during 2011.

This will not only cover new types of course for the existing pro wishing to ‘top up’ or refresh their abilities, regardless of their lighting brand choice, but also from the ground up, those starting out to achieve a professional lighting capability and the confidence that comes with it. Be they a professional or amateur photographer.

For now, I have added some background to my Profoto ‘Partners’ page. Further details to follow in the New Year on the details and locations.

End. (24/12/10).