MLS22BOXManfrotto have announced some new light modifying products

These will be on sale only on line, and comprise of reflectors/diffusers, umbrella and softbox products.

There is also a background system.

I think it only fair to point out that the company also owns ‘Lastolite’, and it is not difficult to see where the new products heritage comes from.

That said, both lines will be available on line, while Lastolite is also a high street product line.


I have not seen or used any yet, and Manfrotto do have a good reputation for professional quality product, but for now, here are the official details:


Manfrotto launch light modifying tools for portrait, still life and wedding photography

London, 20th October 2014 – Manfrotto, the world leader in the design, production and distribution of products for photography, video and entertainment, introduce a new collection of products designed to enrich its extensive range of revolutionary tools ideal for wedding, still life and portrait photography.

MLRT60KITThe collection of Light Modifiers include twelve products: a series of reflectors and diffusers, a series of softboxes to use on camera and off camera, a duo functional umbrella and a background support system. The new Light Modifers will be only sold on Manfrotto websites.

All these tools are perfect for use in studio and on location and ideal for people photographing people.

Developed and manufactured in the UK with unrivalled workmanship, Manfrotto Light Modifiers deliver the ultimate light shaping and modifying controls.

The user-friendly designs guarantee ease of use and maximum portability to photographers, allowing them to concentrate on capturing the moment.

Reflectors and Diffusers
Manfrotto Reflectors and Diffusers allow the photographer to manipulate and control natural or studio lighting.

They are available in two shapes: triangular and circular and are useful for different purposes.

The reflectors can be used to bounce light towards subjects in order to lift or eliminate harsh shadows.

The diffusers instead reduce the light intensity as it passes through: diffusing, spreading and softening it.

Manfrotto reflectors and diffusers are triple stitched, guaranteeing durability and dependability.

They all collapse to a third of their original size and are sold with their very own handy carry case.

Softboxes and Duo Umbrella
Softboxes and umbrellas are two of the most popular light modifying tools for portrait, wedding and product photography, essential for creating flattering lighting.

Manfrotto Softboxes and Duo Umbrella enable photographers to create softer, more diffused lighting and thus eliminate red eyes and harsh shadows on the subject.

MLSU80DUOSpecifically designed for ease of usage, Manfrotto Softboxes and Duo Umbrella ensure instant set-up without the need of any tools.

Manfrotto softboxes are available in different sizes and can be used on and off camera.

The Duo Umbrella is a dual functional product that can be used as a shoot through or to bounce light onto the subject.

Translucent white fabric ensures the light passing through the umbrella is diffused to a softer light.

Alternatively, the removable black covering on the outside of the umbrella ensures all the light is bounced back onto the subject.

In addition, Manfrotto offers a range of tilt heads and stands to complement the use of the Duo Umbrella. Furthermore, all softboxes and umbrella are collapsible and are sold with their very own handy carry case.

Background Support System
The new Manfrotto Magnetic Background Mount has been specially designed for portrait photographers.

MLBMAGNManfrotto Background Mount is an innovative tool to facilitate instant set up and quick background changes. It features strong magnetic connections which enable any background with a steel rim to be attached to the system.

Available online and for more information, visit

End. (17/10/14).