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Nissan is one of the more prominent third party flash unit brands in the UK. The new MG8000 unit sounds particularly impressive. Here are the details:

Kenro announces the Nissin MG8000 Extreme Flash Gun

Kenro has announced the launch of the Nissin MG8000 Extreme, the manufacturer’s latest flash gun, featuring the world’s fastest “Machine Gun” strobe.

Nissin has developed a new ceramic insulation for the inside of the gun as well as a unique quartz-based flash tube which ensures the unit remains cool, even in extreme use conditions. When tested, the Nissin MG8000 can produce over 1000 full flashes without any fear of overheating; that’s three times more than a general flash.

As the MG 8000 keeps its cool under pressure it can maintain its guide number meaning no more underexposed images caused by over-heating.

The new unit boasts an impressive recycle time of just three seconds for the first 200 shots, and then five to seven seconds for subsequent frames.

Other features of the Nissin MG8000 Extreme:
Optional external diffuser included
Guide number: 60 (ISO100/105mm)
Color swiveling LCD screen
A variety of modes – TTL, Manual / Av, Multi flash (strobe)
Full support for wireless TTL mode (Master / Remote), support systems, digital and analog flares.
Additional front flare
Supports high-speed synchronization and modification routines flash via USB port
Metal shoe
Guide number 60 (ISO100 / 105mm)
Recycles in 3 seconds for the first 200 shots, and then takes 5-7 seconds to recycle after that.

Weighing in at 400g, the Nissin MG800 is compatible with the E-TTL, E-TTL II (Canon) and i-TTL (Nikon) and features flash capabilities, but can also be connected to the PS-300 battery pack to hasten the call-back speed.

The MG8000, on show at the recent CP+ trade show, outperforms Nikon’s new SB-910 and Canon’s Speedlite 580EX II, claims Nissin.

Kenro managing director Paul Kench commented: “The MG8000 is Nissin’s response to photographers’ demands for flash units that can keep up with continuous shooting. Many photographers comment that their work can be underexposed when shooting rapidly with a flash; the MG8000 means this will no longer happen because it maintains its full guide and a consistent output. Another great benefit is that the quartz tube has a longer operating life than traditional units.”

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