Each year I take away specific memories from Focus. This year one of those was quite different. Nikon unveiled their new advertising campaign “I Am Nikon”.

Initially to support the Coolpix line-up of cameras, it will extend into other product lines.

It struck me that it was clever, fresh, nicely put together and had a ‘young’ feeling. I certainly liked it. This is a European wide campaign that will also extend to South Africa.

So look out for adverts both in print, on line and some on TV, with a really nice mix of story lines/footage. One includes Robbie Williams no less. And of course the D Movie capability of Nikon cameras has been used to record moving footage. While the stills shot in South Africa were created using a Nikon D3x camera by photographer Sven Jacobsen. But D3s and D500 cameras also had big rolls in parts of the campaign.

There will also be a dedicated web site www.iamnikon.com to allow Nikon users to play a part and tell their own stories with their cameras.

As a photographer I have generally been more concerned about getting the images right for a clients ad campaign, but this one certainly had an impact as soon as I saw it.

From the official press release:
Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Birgitta Olson, General Manager of Marketing Communications at Nikon Europe said: “We hope this campaign will help to extend the legacy of the Nikon brand to a wider European audience. By reminding our customers that they too are at the heart of the image, we hope to ignite a new understanding of photography – one where anyone can express themselves, regardless of their photography experience.”
Commenting on the campaign, Julia Peuckert, Planning Director at Jung von Matt said: “We feel that this campaign really gets to the core of how photography is used today: in a playful, social and self-expressing way. By using real people in real situations we hope our audience will recognise itself and will feel inspired by Nikon.”

End. (12/03/10).