Nikon today have added further to their Nikon 1 system with some new cameras and lenses. Here are the official details:

Nikon welcomes two new members to the Nikon 1 family: the Nikon 1 J3 with the world’s smallest body,¹ and the simply stylish Nikon 1 S1—the first model in the new S-series. Both cameras boast the world’s shortest release time lag,² and the world’s fastest continuous shooting.³

The Nikon 1 J3 builds on the astonishing speed and ultra-portable design that helped the Nikon 1 J1 become the best-selling compact camera system across Europe.⁴ Achieving the world’s smallest body,¹ the J3‘s finely crafted aluminium exterior feels even better than it looks. With the world’s shortest release time lag,² and the world’s fastest continuous shooting³, it’s always ready to capture decisive moments of active lifestyles with high-resolution images and Full HD movies.

The Nikon 1 S1 launches the new S-series of fast, stylish, straightforward camera bodies that deliver great results with even less effort. Designed for speed and simplicity, the Nikon 1 S1 is as convenient and easy to use as a compact camera, but much faster and significantly more powerful, with better image quality.

Both the Nikon 1 J3 and Nikon 1 S1 use the same second-generation Nikon 1 technology as the recently introduced Nikon 1 V2, aimed at photography enthusiasts. They enjoy new levels of speed and more accurate performance, as well as clever next-generation features like Live Image Control and Best Moment Capture, and wireless image transfer with the optional WiFi dongle.

Simon Iddon, Product Manager, Nikon 1 Compact System Cameras, Nikon UK, says, “Smaller and faster than any interchangeable lens camera, the J3 is the perfect choice for people looking to capture high-resolution images and Full HD movies in an instant..”

He continues: “We’re also delighted to expand the Nikon 1 family by launching the new S-series of simple and stylish cameras. The Nikon 1 S1 is perfect for young families and individuals who want ease of use typical of compact cameras, but want faster performance, better quality images and the flexibility of interchangeable lenses. With intuitive digital controls and sophisticated creative features, the Nikon 1 S1 is a fast system camera that makes shooting sharp, detailed photos and movies of busy lives easy.”

Incredible Speed
Nikon’s EXPEED 3A dual-processing engine processes data at incredible speed for unparalleled performance in any situation. It powers the world’s fastest continuous shooting³ at 15 fps with autofocus,⁵ and up to 60 fps⁶ with fixed-point AF, giving you the ability to capture high-quality images of even super-fast action.

Subjects snap into focus without delay thanks to the advanced hybrid AF system that boasts fast phase-detection AF for high-speed movement, and contrast-detect AF for capturing subtle details even in low light. The sensor instantly switches between the 73 phase-detection focus areas and the 135 contrast-detect focus areas depending on the scene, ensuring superb images and movies in a wide range of environments.

You always get the best shot with Best Moment Capture. With a single click of the shutter release button, Smart Photo Selector takes up to 20 high-resolution images (up to 15 for the Nikon 1 S1) and recommends up to five of the best. Slow View captures up to 20 continuous shots (up to 15 for the Nikon 1 S1) and simultaneously displays them in slow motion on the LCD screen, so you can select the exact moment you want to keep.

Superior Image Quality

Get detailed photos and movies, even in low light situations. The Nikon 1 S1 boasts a resolution of 10.1-megapixels with 100 to 6400 ISO light sensitivity. The Nikon 1 J3 raises the resolution to 14.2 megapixels, and 160 to 6400 ISO light sensitivity.

Nikon’s CX-format CMOS sensor offers the ideal balance between system size, speed, and image quality, enabling superior still image and movie recording without sacrificing portability. The option to shoot with high ISO settings means you’ll capture enough light even when shooting at speeds of up to 60 fps.

The whole range of 1 NIKKOR lenses deliver the kind of high-performance optics you’ve come to expect from Nikon. Their compact size and light weight contribute to the Nikon 1 system’s convenient portability, without sacrificing image quality. When you shoot through Nikon glass, you can be sure that you’re capturing amazingly sharp images with vividly rendered colours, and deep contrast.

Movie Magic

Nikon 1 system cameras are optimized for shooting high-quality movies, with interchangeable 1 NIKKOR lenses, phase-detection AF system that focuses quickly and accurately on moving subjects, plus smooth, silent autofocus transitions that make footage look natural and sound great.

Both the Nikon 1 J3 and the Nikon 1 S1 can record Full HD movies at 60 and 30 fps and 60i, 60p, and 30p frame rates, and even capture full-resolution photos while filming.⁷ Shoot in Advanced Movie Mode and use PSAM controls for full control over shutter speed and aperture, with smooth autofocus transitions and crystal clear sound. You can even achieve dramatic effects in extreme slow motion, with recording speeds of up to 1200fps.⁸

Compact, Desirable Design

Pick the Nikon 1 J3 up, and you’ll be impressed by how solid and sturdy it feels. Finely crafted from lightweight, high quality aluminium, the compact, attractive design achieves the world’s smallest body¹ and is available in white, black, silver, red, and beige, with kit lenses to match.

Small, stylish and simple, the Nikon 1 S1 has a clean, minimal design with simplified controls and clear digital menus for intuitive operation. It’s available in white, black, pink, red, or khaki, with kit lenses to match.

Both models have a built-in compact flash unit that automatically pops up to ensure that there’s always extra light on hand when you need it.

Simply Creative

The quick, easy way to enhance your photos before you take them, Live Image Control lets you instinctively adjust settings to freeze action, tweak lighting, or blur backgrounds—you can preview the results in real time on the bright, high-resolution⁹ LCD monitor before you take the shot.

In Creative Mode you can apply filters and effects to still images before you shoot. Enhance the mood with Soft Filter, enjoy a world that’s always perfectly lit with Night Portrait mode, and capture sweeping views in Easy Panorama.¹⁰
The Motion Snapshot feature is a great way to capture more than a single instant, frozen in time. One click is all it takes for the camera to create a “living image” by capturing a short, slow-motion movie that ends with the photo itself. Motion Snapshots can be saved as a single .mov file to make sharing easy.

When you want the control to shoot scenes exactly as you please, both cameras offer quick, direct access to P,S,A,M exposure controls. Just turn the mode dial to Creative Mode and select P,S,A,M for full control over Exposure, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual Exposure.

Wireless adapter

Nikon’s small Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1b makes it quick and simple to send high-quality images from your camera straight to your smartphone or or tablet.¹¹ It’s easy to share moments with friends and family, upload to your favorite social network, or preview images on a larger screen. You can even use the adapter to control the camera remotely via your device.

Expandable system

Get the most out of your shooting and open up new opportunities by combining the portability, power, and speed of Nikon 1 cameras with the growing range of 1 NIKKOR lenses and optional system accessories. Try out the new 1 NIKKOR VR 6.7–13mm ultra-wide angle zoom lens and the 1 NIKKOR VR 10–100mm compact 10x zoom lens. Get a firm, comfortable grasp with the GR-N2100 Grip, and capture the action underwater with the compact, stylish WP-N2 Waterproof Case.

Find out more about the new Nikon 1 cameras by clicking here

¹World’s smallest body: As of December 20, 2012; among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses employing an image sensor larger than CX format.
²World’s shortest release time lag: Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses available as of November 29, 2012; as determined by Nikon performance tests using single-point AF mode and the shortest focal length of a 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
³World’s fastest high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 15 fps with autofocus: Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses available as of November 29, 2012; based on Nikon research.
⁴GfK market research identified Nikon 1 the best-selling compact camera system in Europe for 2012 YTD.
⁵For full-size images with autofocus, the J3 can shoot at approx. 15 fps for up to 22 frames, and the S1 can shoot at approx. 15 fps for up to 15 frames.
⁶For full-size images, the J3 can shoot at approx. 60 fps for up to 20 frames, and the S1 can shoot at approx. 60 fps for up to 15 frames. Focus mode is set at AF-S; focus and exposure for the first frame is fixed.
⁷Capturing full-resolution photos without interrupting movie recording in Advanced Movie Mode: the Nikon 1 J3 can capture a 14.2-megapixel still image (aspect ratio 3:2). The Nikon 1 S1 can capture an 8-megapixel still image(aspect ratio 16:9). This still image is not a frame saved from the movie.
⁸Recording speeds in Advanced Movie Mode: 400 fps at 640×240 frame size or 1200 fps at 320×120. Max recording time 5 seconds.
⁹High-resolution LCD monitor: The Nikon 1 J3 has a 921k-dot, 7.5 cm (3-in.) LCD monitor; The Nikon 1 S1 has a 460k-dot, 7.5 cm (3-in.) LCD monitor.
¹⁰Easy Panorama is only available on the Nikon 1 J3.
¹¹Compatible with smart devices using Android™ OS and iOS. A Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility that can be downloaded for free from Google Play™ and iTunes® must be installed on the smart device prior to use.
Android, Google, Google Play, YouTube, and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

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