Reflecta have been busy in recent months. It makes you wonder if film is on its way back in a big way? But on a serious note, there are still lots who prefer to shoot film or do so alongside digital capture for a variety of reasons. And certainly, medium format shooting remains a proven path, let alone the back catalog many have yet to digitise. Here are the details of a new medium format scanner:

Medium format film scanner from Relecta

Photographers can now digitise positive and negative medium format films quickly, easily and to a professional quality high resolution thanks to the introduction of the new Reflecta Midformat Scan MF5000.

The scanner, available now through Kenro, is described as a “state-of-the-art CCD scanner with fast image processing” and features a 3-line CCD image sensor allowing for scans of 3200 x 3200 dpi optical resolution and 3.6 Dmax optical density.

The Midformat Scan MF5000’s scan speed ˆ a colour scan at 3200 dpi and 24 bit colour depth takes only 200 seconds, very fast for a colour CCD scanner  ˆ means that top quality scanning is no longer the time consuming exercise it used to be, while the Magic Touch feature, which automatically removes dust and scratches via an infrared sensor, helps ensure that the final scan is perfect first time.

Mains powered, the scanner is connected via USB 2.0 to a computer (either MAC or PC). It weighs around 5.6kg and measures 320mm x 165mm x 160mm and will scan the whole range of 120 and 220 films, including 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8, 6×9 and 6x12cm formats. Holders for four framed slides up to 3.2mm thickness, film strips with up to six frames and for one or two medium format film frames are included.

Kenro’s managing director, Paul Kench made this comment on the release: “The MF5000 enables photographers to produce professional quality scans time-after-time, quickly and simply. It’s the perfect piece of kit for a serious photographer who wants to digitise their archive of medium format films.”

Technical data:
Optical resolution: 3200 dpi
Scanning speed: 3200 dpi, 24 Bit = 200 Sec.
Colour depth: 48 Bit
Contrast: >3,6 Dmax
Image sensor: 3-line ˆCCD-Sensor
Lamp: whit LEDs and infrared LEDs
Scanning area -max: 24.3 x 36.5mm / 118 x 56.9mm
PC interface: USB 2.0
MAGIC TOUCH Technology

The Midformat Scan MF5000 comes complete with power adapter, Cyberview X scan software, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, holder for four framed slides, holder for film strips with up to six frames, medium format holder and full user instructions.

The scanner is available now with an RRP of £2,250. For details of your nearest stockist please visit – alternatively call Kenro’s head office on 01793 615836 for further information.

End (24/10/11).