Leica M Monochrom_silverLeica have announced that the Leica M Monochrom will now be available in a traditional silver/chrome finish.

I have always liked cameras cameras that are designed for specific reasons as they are generally made for serious if specialised photography.
Bottom line if you choose the right one is they can help a lot.

So just going through my mind now are the Plaubel Makina, Fuji 6 x9 and Hassleblad SWC Biogon medium format models, all of which I used in years past at various times.

The Leica M Monochrom is specifically designed for those creating in monochrome.

Well done Leica for treating photographers seriously with a targeted tool, rather than rolling off the production line with yet another camera, packed to the rafters trying to tick as many boxes as possible. That approach just gets in the way of real photography.

Here is the short PR piece about it.

Leica M Monochrom_silver_top

Responding to popular demand, Leica Camera AG is delighted to announce that the Leica M Monochrom is now available in a new colour version: silver chrome finish.

With the market launch of the Leica M Monochrom around two years ago, Leica set a ground-breaking milestone in the field of black-and-white digital photography. The M Monochrom is known as the ideal tool for photographers who appreciate black-and-white photography as an expressive medium. In genres from reportage photography and available-light shooting to discreet, artistically aesthetic compositions, the camera adapts flexibly to every need and delivers convincingly exceptional imaging results in every situation.

The silver chrome Leica M Monochrom will be available in limited numbers from the end of May from authorised Leica dealers.

End. (22/05/14).