Although they are not on sale just yet, I have had a play and a day with one of Lastolites new ‘Urban Collapsible’ Backgrounds.

Apparently this received a lot of good feedback at Photokina, and I can see it becoming a popular addition to some studios or for many working from a home environment.

I shot some images against the red brick option, which is double sided with a grey stone alternative which I did not use.

Liked it though, and for many, this will as something different for head shots, to about 3/4 length, change the necessity  to choose a location, it’s time and weather with care and flexibility, as of course it can be shot inside.

The drop can be free standing against a wall for example or attached to the support stand. This for those working on location but inside makes it quick to set-up and use.

Any  downsides? As with such things, it could I think become so widely used, that it may be old hat for some a year down the line. But that’s where your lighting skills can help with various looks created.

I would also suggest that those shooting a lot may need a couple of backdrops, so in effect that becomes four easy to pop up then fold down (once you know how and stick with it it’s easy enough) different looks.

But I lliked it on first use, but not sure yet of a price or when it goes on sale.

End. (15/10/12).