The importers of Westcott’s Ice Light have announced a new version.

I hear from users of the original very positive things. Available from many stockists, here are the official press realease details:









The Westcott Ice Light 2 LED light is an enhanced version of its predecessor built on the wish lists of photographers in the field. Ice Light 2 is engineered with patented new LED technology offering 50% brighter output than the original Ice Light and 1,740 lumens of beautiful daylight-balanced light while maintaining a compact housing. Weighing a mere 20 ounces, the Ice Light 2 can be easily operated with one hand, giving photographers and filmmakers the ability to simultaneously shoot and light their subjects.


Unlike traditional LED panels, the Ice Light has a built-in diffuser that is custom-designed to protect the LEDs and provide a vast 73° beam angle. This casts a large spread of incredibly soft quality light.

The Ice Light 2`s LEDs feature the advantages of high efficiency and colour purity with low energy consumption and long lifetime. Daylight-balanced at 5500K and rated for 50,000 hours with a stunning Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 96 meaning the subject will be presented in near perfect light also the Ice Light 2 provides flicker-free output and stable light consistency perfect for photographers and videographers alike.

A removable Lithium-ion battery is yet another Ice Light 2 refinement. A 2.5-hour charge gives you 60+ minutes of runtime with the convenience of being able to charge a backup battery outside the unit. Affordable replacement batteries are available for prolonged use.

The Redesigned Handle offers a dedicated on/off power slider with an 18-step flicker-free range and a light output memory which remembers your last power setting between uses. Battery indicator displays the current battery level using illuminated blue lights. Both ends of the Ice Light 2 include 1/4″-20 thread`s to mount to a light stand, tilter bracket or tripod.5900-Back-Buttons-Vertical

5900-Back-VerticalIce Light 2 is designed for the future with built-in Bluetooth with USB connectivity that will allow use with smart device apps and is compatible with all existing accessories including the original Ice Light barn doors, tungsten gels, two-way connectors, and more.

• 50% Brighter Than Original Ice Light
• CRI: 96
• 73° Beam Spread
• Digital Display 18-Step Dimming
• Wireless Bluetooth Technology
• Removable 60 Minute Lithium-ion Battery
• 100-240 VAC Charger
• 50,000 Hour LEDs

1 x Ice Light 2
1 x Rechargeable Battery For Ice Light 2
1 x Ice Light Battery Charger/Power Cord
1 x Ice Light Gel Clips
1 x Ice Light 2 Carry Case

5900-BatteryIce Light 2
JP Code: 860517 | SRP: £549 Inc VAT

Rechargeable Battery for Ice Light 2
JP Code: 860518 | SRP: £60 Inc VAT

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