Flaghead Photographic, the UK importers have today announced some new additions to the David Honl range of lighting accessories for portable (strobe) flash. Here are the details of this expanding system. Of course on many workshops we use some of them to show what can be achieved in real use:

Flaghead Photographic, the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor of HONL PHOTO products have launched the new Honl Photo Traveller 16 Softbox:


HONL PHOTO Traveller 16    
A portable softbox for off-camera use, with the quality and sturdiness that has become synonymous with David Honl’s range of light-shapers! Easy to set up and attach to your shoe-mount flash using the Honl Photo Speed Strap, which is included.  It has a large 16” front diameter diffuser and a removable inner light baffle.  The Traveller 16 folds flat for easy transport, weighs less than a pound and provides a pleasing, circular catch-light in your subject’s eye.
Universal fit:  via Speed Strap it will fit most flash units from Nikon, Canon, Metz, Vivitar, Sony, Nissin, Quantum and many others

HONL PHOTO Baby Bounce  
Designed with the photojournalist and wedding photographer in mind, the new Baby Bounce kicks just the right amount of soft light on your subject and holds securely on your flash using the Speed Strap. Reversible, can also be used as a flag or gobo when using as a background or hair light.

HONL PHOTO Baby Bounce Kit
As above, but complete with Speed Strap.

An assortment of CTO filters to correct colour or add various degrees of warmth to your portraits. Includes 2 of each colour:  Full CTO, 3/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, 1/4 CTO & 1/8 CTO

About the Honl Photo Professional Speed System:
The Honl Photo Speed System is a collection of lightweight, durable and affordable light modifiers for shoe-mount flash units.  Designed to universally fit all shoe-mount flash (or Speedlites), the versatile light modifiers from Honl Photo provide photographers with an assortment of practical tools to shape light without resorting to cumbersome, heavy and expensive lighting equipment.  Devised by photojournalist David Honl, the Honl Speed System consists of an assortment of Grids, Snoots, Gobos, and Gels that attach quickly and easily to any shoe-mount flash via the Speed Strap, a simple, non-slip velcro strap that wraps around the flash head.  The Honl Photo Speed System allows you to bring studio-style lighting control with you into the field.

TRAVELLER 16 Softbox, includes Speed Strap (HP-SOFT16)  £118.80 inc vat.

Baby Bounce (HP-BABY) £13.20 inc vat.

Baby Bounce Kit, includes Speed Strap (HP-BBKIT) £21.00 inc vat.

CTO Warming Kit, contains 2 each of: Full CTO, 3/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, 1/4 CTO, 1/8 CTO (HP-FILTER6) £16.20 inc vat.
The HONL PHOTO range is available from good photo retailers.

End. (09/12/11).