As many of you know for my portable Speedlight photography I use an extensive range of Lastolite products and they serve me well. But alongside, we also use a number of items from the Honl Photo range.

On our portable flash courses we show what we do and how, in order to create professional level imagery with Nikon Speedlights and Canon Speedlites, or whatever your flash system of choice. The right accessories certainly can take us too studio quality lighting across many kinds of photography.

Honl have just announced the golds/silver 8″ snoot/reflector. It is priced at £23:50 inc vat.

Image © Honl Photo

From the official press release…

HONL PHOTO introduce Gold/Silver 8” Snoot!

Flaghead Photographic, the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor of HONL PHOTO products have launched the NEW Honl Photo Gold/Silver 8” Snoot.

The Honl Photo 8″ Gold/Silver Snoot gives a pleasing warm skin tone to portraits, similar to a warm sunglow and comparable to using a 1/4 CTO filter.

The snoot concentrates the light from a hot-shoe flash for dramatic cinematic lighting. Perfect for everything from dramatic portraits to concentrating light on background elements.

Attaches and removes in seconds using the Honl Photo Speed Strap™. The material can also be mounted differently to the SpeedStrap to become a large area bounce surface.

Honl Photo Snoot are made of tough ballistic nylon and are adjustable to fit almost any portable, battery operated flash, including those from Canon, Nikon, Metz, Sunpak, Nissin, Sony & Vivitar

About the Honl Photo Professional Speed System:
The Honl Photo Speed System is a collection of lightweight, durable and affordable light modifiers for shoe-mount flash units.  Designed to universally fit all shoe-mount flash, the versatile light modifiers from Honl Photo provide photographers with an assortment of practical tools to shape light without resorting to cumbersome, heavy and expensive lighting equipment.  Devised by photojournalist David Honl, the Honl Speed System consists of an assortment of Grids, Snoots, Gobos, and Gels that attach quickly and easily to any shoe-mount flash via the Speed Strap, a simple, non-slip velcro strap that wraps around the flash head without the use of annoying adhesives.  The Honl Photo Speed System allows you to bring studio-style lighting control with you into the field.

Developed by David Honl, a professional photographer from the USA

End. (16/03/10).