Tripods and other supporting items may not be the most enticing of products. But the use in the best way of the right product, can make significant difference to not just the quality of an image, but the way you work.
Giotto’s are a brand that in the last few years have been gaining a presence in the UK and they have just announced some new additions. I will come back to tripods a little further down the line, Here are the official details:

Vitruvian tripod range continues to grow

Giotto’s has further expanded its award-winning Vitruvian range with the addition of four new tripods; offering lightweight, compact tripods and heads for photographers using everything from compact system cameras up to high-end DSLRs .

Image © DayMen International

Following hot on the heels of the latest launch of the two new larger models, VGRN8265 and VGRN9265, which can hold up to 9kg, Giotto’s has now added the VGRN8225 and VGRN9225 which hold up to 4kg, and the VGRN8255 and VGRN9255 which hold up to a maximum of 6kg.

All tripods in the VGRN range feature reverse technology legs that fold through 180 degrees allowing the tripod to fold into a compact and portable unit, while the VGRN9255 and VGRN8255 include a built in monopod – the range was specifically designed to offer today’s photographers a truly lightweight and comprehensive solution.

The smaller tripods (8225 and 9225) fold down to just under 33cm whilst the medium size (8255 and 9255) fold down to 40cm.

The new VGRN tripods are manufactured using either 7-layer carbon fibre or aluminium tubing. The carbon fibre VGRN8225 weighs just under a kilogram (0.95kg), while the aluminium VGRN9225 weighs (1.12kg); both have an operating height of 118cm, and with the centre column extended reach a maximum 135cm.

The carbon fibre VGRN8255 weighs 1.38kg, while the aluminium VGRN9255 weighs 1.55kg; these tripods have an operating height of 142cm and a maximum of 165cm with the centre column extended.

The new VGRN tripods are fitted with compact ball + socket heads fitted with a quick release plate, spirit levels and pan lock  – all feature five-section legs and a splittable centre column for low-level use. The largest models; the 9265 and 8265 also have a friction control on the ball head and feature retractable spiked feet.

The tripod castings are made from a forged aluminium alloy for strength and the twist leg locks require only 1/8 turn to lock and unlock – making it quick and easy to set the tripod up.

All VGRN tripods are supplied with a carry bag and have a 5 year warranty.

For more details on the new Vitruvian range of tripods please visit or contact our Giotto’s helpline on 0845 250 0792.

End. (02/08/11)