One of the monitor brands that is highly regarded by many post capture and professional photographers is Eizo. They have just announced the EIZO CG223W.

This is one of an increasing number of monitors that encompass a growing amount of the Adobe 1998 colour space, something that was not considered that long ago. Suggested retail is £738 ex vat and carriage, which may not fit into some budgets, but the price has dropped for monitors with this kind of specification quite markedly in the last year or so. Colour Confidence are the distributors and amongst other impressive details is a 5 year Uk warranty. From the official announcement:

The EIZO CG223W monitor delivers excellent image detail across 22” wide screen which offers 2560 x 1600 native resolution and covers a wide 95% of the Adobe RGB colour space making it ideal for colour accurate work.

The EIZO CG223W monitor boasts three inputs, including DisplayPort which offers next-generation connectivity that transmits both audio and video signals

The EIZO CG223W monitor comes bundled with ColorNavigator software which makes accurate colour calibration quick and easy, an EIZO developed 3D Look-up-table ensures better additive colour mixture and a patented drift correction sensor quickly stabilises the brightness levels giving you true stabilisation from the minute you turn on.

The EIZO CG223W monitor offers numerous functions and features, including:

22” widescreen display boasting a 1680 x 1050 native resolution

Wide colour gamut – reproduces 95% of the Adobe RGB colour space

Brightness stabilisation from the moment you turn on with built-in drift sensor

EIZO 3D Look-up-table for better additive colour mixture

Brightness and colour uniformity with Digital Uniformity Equaliser

Three inputs including DisplayPort

Complete with EIZO monitor hood

5 year UK warranty

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