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In the last few weeks the D5000 camera has been reduced by Nikon UK in suggested price by £100 pounds. Im not surprised at all as its initial cost I thought put it into competition with the higher specified D90, let alone alternative makes. With the D300s and D3000 introductions, Nikon UK has understandably taken this opportunity to create some clarity between its models in their pricing structure. That of course sounds good unless you had been one of the poor souls who had just paid the initial price. And as I made reference to the subject, not buying the maximum specification you can be quite good as I am all in favor of buying the right camera for where you are now as far as needs, abilities and immediate aspirations go. You will get more pleasure and success far sooner that way in my experience. Either that or you may end up not using just those extra features you have just paid extra for.

End. (09/10/09).