There are lots of companies who kindly keep me informed of what they are doing from within the photographic industry, and as mentioned elsewhere, I have often been flattered to work alongside them as new products are developed, or are new to the market.

But we also get send out of the blue, information from companies we do not know.

Strap_And_Wrap_DSLRA few days ago this dropped into my inbox from a new venture, comprising of people who have previously been involved in deloping camera bags for the likes of Manfrotto and Kata.
I have not seen the products or even had a chance to really look at the details, but thought there were some nice elements that may be worth looking into for many people.

So here is the short product info about ‘Strap & Wrap’ and ‘Grip & Wrap’, and web site to have a more detailed look.

Should I look at them in more detail or even start to use them I will after a while post some comments under the blog section.

Camera’s Best Amigo – Short Introduction

It’s not just a strap or a grip, and it’s not just a camera case.

miggo is the world’s first multifunctional camera carrier that lets you carry your camera comfortably and efficiently, and also keep it protected in your personal bag when you’re not shooting.


Choose your miggo – camera strap or wrist grip

miggo is offered in two versions:

Strap & Wrap: a padded and designed strap for carrying your camera around your neck or across your body. It comes in two models to fit Mirrorless (CSC) or DSLR cameras.


Grip & Wrap: a secure and adaptable grip for your wrist.

It also comes in two models to fit Mirrorless (CSC) or DSLR cameras.

Done shooting: simply roll miggo around your camera and turn it into a protective carrier which enables you to drop it into your personal bag without worrying about damage or scratches.Grip_and_Wrap_ML_Close-Top_Red


For those moment when a camera bag is just a nuisance

Do you leave your camera at home because you can’t be bothered carrying around a bulky camera bag? Why not carry it in your personal bag?

With miggo, your camera is always protected from scratches and damage, and ready for use, while sitting snugly in your personal bag.

Fits almost any camera

Both miggo versions – strap or grip – come in two sizes:

For compact to mid-size DSLRs, and for most common Mirrorless (CSC) cameras on the market.

Easily adaptable to lenses of various length

You can easily adapt your miggo to different lenses by simply changing the connecting position of the camera.

For additional information about fitting miggo to your specific camera – check our website:

Looking where to store the lens’ cap? You got it

All miggo products come with a built-in pocket for the lens’ cap, so it shouldn’ get lost while shooting.

You can trust the miggo’s multifunctional screw miggo connects to your camera with a smart steel screw, which also enables the use of a tripod even while miggo is connected.

Colors for any mood

miggo comes in a range of 7 trendy colors and patterns.

Only the best

We sourced only the finest materials for miggo, such as impact-absorbent Neoprene and plush Lycra.

For more information

Please visit

Team miggo