BJP (British Journal Of Photography) have announced a new version of the magazine for the iPhone.

It is an interesting story as this was the oldest published photo weekly in the world. For over a century and a half, it was regarded alongside some other ‘international’ publications as a real benchmark.

Today it is a quarterly and iPad edition.

Highly technical at times, it was when I started out referred to as a bit of a ‘photo bible’ by many more capable than me, such was it’s reputation.

Many studying photography over the years were also brought up on it. And at one time it was one of only two photo mags available in libary’s to read each week, such was its business and education niche.

I was privillaged to write for about five years for them as a ‘technical consultant’ in the past, as a side line to my day job as a photographer.

And I am both surprised and flattered that on a regular basis people still talk to me about my pieces, saying how they miss my real world comments. and style.

That said I have hardly seen it in recent years, so have lost track on its current style and content.

Anyway, theres life in the old dog yet, (the magazine), and a new weekly version specifically designed for the iPhone is soon to be available.

Here are the press release details:

Small is Beautiful for the British Journal of Photography

After 158 years in print, magazine creates shorter, weekly issues redesigned for the iPhone

London, July 5th

The 158-year-old British Journal of Photography today launched a radically redesigned new edition, custom made for the iPhone.

Rather than simply shrinking existing print or iPad pages onto the screen – the method used by almost all current iPhone magazine editions – the magazine’s staff completely recreated the magazine in a format designed for the iPhone.

Each page of the British Journal of Photography: iPhone Edition has been engineered from scratch to be easy to read on the handheld, and the 100-page monthly magazine has been split into smaller, more frequent, editions that can be easily downloaded when on the move.

“Most iPhone magazines simply aren’t very readable”, said Art Editor Mick Moore. “Uploading print pages into an app is easy for publishers, but the result is a page that you have to keep pinching and zooming to read.

“Last year we released an iPad App, with each page custom-made for the tablet, so we wanted to do the same for the iPhone: make a magazine that really works on the small screen.”

Editor Simon Bainbridge adds: “When it came to the iPhone, there was no point trying to replicate what we had done for the iPad. Instead we’ve come up with a concept that includes smaller issues that appear more frequently. Of course, there’s been no concession to the elegance of the design, nor have we dumbed down our articles or the quality of the photographs that we showcase.”

The first edition of the app, which is free to download, includes an in-depth interview with photographer Roger Ballen, plus examples of his photography and video work. The app also includes live news, updated regularly, from BJP’s website (

British Journal of Photography: iPhone Edition is available today. Issues are free for a limited time, and reader feedback on the new edition is being sought. Weekly publication will commence this Autumn, with issues priced at £0.69, with discounts for subscribers.

The new iPhone Edition, like the British Journal of Photography for iPad, was created with Mag+, a complete mobile publishing platform that allows magazine designers to create bespoke digital editions using Adobe InDesign. Mag+ today announced the availability of its new version 3.5 platform. For more information, see

The iPhone Edition can be downloaded from the App Store. Direct link:

End. (05/07/12).