Just as with gadget bags we seem to have an ever increasing range of tripods to select from both in product lines and models.

A good tripod should last years in use, but in my experience, unless you undertake just one type of photography in a similar situation, just like those gadget bags you will end up with more than one.

Image © Kenro

This is not a line I am familiar with, but the details suggest its carbon fiber construction and versatile positioning may be worth a look for some? From the official announcement:

Kenro, the official UK distributor for Benro tripods, has launched the FlexPod Series, the second model in this new range of acclaimed accessories. FlexPod tripods are the perfect product for both professional photographers and keen enthusiasts.

FlexPods are available in four different models, two made from eight-layer carbon fibre and two constructed in high rigidity aluminium alloy with a 1.5mm wall thickness.

Each FlexPod tripod features a quick-switch centre column that can easily be moved from vertical to horizontal including any position in between. The angle of this centre column can be locked into place with a single twist of the set-knob.

The adjustable leg angle stops can be independently locked into place at different angles which makes them perfect for shooting in cramped conditions or on irregular surfaces. Each model comes complete with an in-built spirit level plus a centre column hook from where an additional weight can be suspended for increased stability.

“FlexPod tripods are a photographer’s ‘flexible friend’.” says Kenro Managing Director, Paul Kench. “They can be used in the same way as any other tripod, but they really come into their own when you need to get closer to the subject or shoot at awkward angles.” www.kenro.co.uk

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