D810_24_70_MB_frt34rI have mentioned before how flattered I am that so many people ask me questions about what I think of this and that product.

And of course, if I have any experience of it, I try to share that. Or at the very least, be helpful with some constructive comments, when time allows.

So, as promised to many, I will now share more of my thoughts and experiences with various products on this site.

That could be because I own and use it, maybe because I hire it for specific jobs. Sometimes it may be because I am flattered that companies ask me to road test products, and I have something to say as a consequence.

I am not aiming to produce ‘magazine’ or similar reviews, just passing on what I can gleam fro my decades of experience as a photographer, and as a technical consultant.

No pressure from advertising, no editorial changes I do not want, and I don’t need to appease camera companies and toe the marketing line.

Instead, these will be just my opinions. Sometimes based only on a small, but on others significant shooting time. I may be wrong of course, I may be right, but I would like to think that by now, I have been around the block enough times to get it right, far more often than I get it wrong with my comments.

So as of now, I am about to put a Nikon D810 through its paces. It will take me a couple of weeks at least to get enough shooting time both inside the studio and on location, alongside some tried and tested image tests I undertake to help evaluate my initial feelings about performance.

This will be based however from the perspective of does it improve over what the existing D800 models actually can do in the real world for me? Im really not interested in talking theory or regurgitating a press release, but what it would or could do for my workflow, image uses, based around the way I work.

I will try to post some step-by-step findings rather than wait for one big piece. But I will archive these in full under the ‘tool box’ section.

So please check back. Some other cameras, lenses flash and software products,will also be commented on going forward.

End. (16/07/14).