Image © Nikon Corporation

At Focus each year I generally find that while all are talked about, there is generally one Nikon camera that is the flavor of the month (year). Often that is the latest D-SLR, or in the past, a 35mm film model.

When I was not on the Nikon stand presenting, or in meetings at the show, I joined the hard working Nikon team on the stand to demonstrate equipment and answer questions.

So which was the most talked about and request D-SLR for me this year? This may be a surprise, as it was not the latest D3s, although that was understandably popular. No instead it was the D700.

I was pleased as this camera this year was talked about with passion by those who have one already, often telling people looking at one as a consideration just how good it has been for them. And the number of people who wanted to see one and discuss their needs and its suitability stood out. I too find this a wonderful tool, a professional, but travel friendly camera.

End. (12/03/10).