When: Wednesday September 30th 2015.
Where: Calumet Glasgow.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced.

It is tempting when something is working well to leave things as they are. But I do like to ‘tweek’ things going forward to maximise what one of our events can provide.

So, I am delighted to say that this well received event, has had a makeover, and been enhanced in content.

Not just for this starting out, but also the experienced who might want a reminder, but also confirmation that there are no gaps in their approach.

Metering and exposure and all of the related tools and techniques are needed if anyone is going to reach their potential as a photographer.

Presented in a clear understandable step – step approach, it is not ‘heavy’ but will pay for itself over and over again going forwards.

From the landscape to the portrait photographer and pretty much everything in between. It will open up a lifetime of useful information.

So for more information, please: Click Here.

End.  (30/05/15).