The other night I managed to catch some of the Imagine program on BBC 1 about Don McCullin.

It was a very good documentary I thought, about one of our better known and accomplished photojournalist photographers, and thought provoking on so many levels.

Most noted for his war photography coverage, there were some interesting contrast for me. The man of then, too the man of now, the impact of monochrome compared to colour, and the story of the pictures, compared to today’s obsession with equipment.

That said, it did show a picture of his Nikon that helped take the force of a blast and save his life.

And while few have access to or any desire to be in a war zone, let alone taking pictures, it also showed some of McCullin’s social photography in the UK

Now this something we all have access to for creating our own record of.

His collection will only grow in importance as time passes, and it was invaluable when it was shot.

There are some scenes which question your belief in human nature, but some heart touching moments as well.

You will have to be in the ‘mood’ for it, but it is available on the BBC i Player still. Recommended.