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Leica have announced an update to the X1 camera. This is one of those compact models that many look at to provide SLR quality in the images produced. Not had a chance to play with one yet myself, but soon we will be commenting on the Leica M9 Range-finder camera.

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29 March 2011: Leica Camera AG has announced a firmware update for its high-performance digital compact camera, the LEICA X1. The update is available for X1 owners to download from the company’s web site today.

The new X1 firmware offers the following additional features and benefits:

– Improved manual focusing, with the focus screen showing the image based on an open aperture

– More accurate manual focusing with finer steps, when scrolling slowly with the click wheel

– Two manual focusing speeds for more accurate and faster MF operation

– Manual focusing lock now available

– Enlarged manual focusing scale display

– Depth of field scale displayed in manual focusing mode

– Manual focus settings retained in memory when camera is switched off

– Improved autofocus speed in low light conditions and with low contrast subjects, in particular when shooting
multiple shots of the same subject

– ISO setting is displayed in Auto ISO mode

– Improved JPEG image quality

A detailed description of the functionality of the firmware is available at:

The ideal companion for both amateur and professional photographers, the LEICA X1 features a 12.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor in APS-C format, identical in size to those used in many larger DSLR cameras.  In combination with the camera’s LEICA ELMARIT 24mm f/2.8 ASPH. lens, the X1 sensor offers outstanding picture quality comparable with professional models. Each individual pixel has a generous surface area and collects more light, therefore ensuring low noise levels, high dynamic range and accurate colour differentiation. The large sensor size, maximum sensitivity of ISO 3200 and the extremely fast lens also make the LEICA X1 an ideal choice for ‘available light’ photography.

The LEICA X1 (in steel grey or black) is available in the UK from authorised Leica dealers at a suggested retail price of £1,425. A full list of authorised UK Leica dealers is available at, or call 020 7629 1351. End.