As many people know, I don’t normally mix the training aspects of my business and my photographic work, so this site concentrates on the former.

However, I know people regardless of being a pro or enthusiast, love on my courses too ask about the ‘real world’ of being a pro photographer, and I try to discuss things then openly and informatively.

Last weekend I shot my last wedding of 2011 and as with other subjects I shoot professionally, there is always a psychological end of year, when the last one is done and dusted.

Image © Nikon Corporation

I really like winter weddings, but of course, there are some significant issues the photographer has to be able to deal. One can be the limited daylight options, but if the ceremony is not too late, it can as I had for this one, be quite beautiful if you know how to work with it as it changes.

But of course, as I try to emphasize and explain on numerous courses, you must be able to work with flash both inside and out. The consequence when you can is confidence, enjoyment and far less stress on our part.

So for the record, here was my main equipment and accessory list for the day. Of course this changes from wedding too wedding in some ways, so not entirely cast in stone…

Image © Nikon Corporation

2 x FX format cameras (1 used for approximately 80% of the shots)

3 x FX format lenses (24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor used for approximately 80% of the shots)

1 x Sekonic light meter

1 x SB-900 Speedlight (used on 90% of shots)

2 x SB-800 Speedlight ( 1 used on approximately 25% of shots the other sparingly)

1 x SU-800 (not used)

Image © Sekonic

1 x Lastolite Ezybox (small) (used for approximately 25% of shots)

2 x Lastolite Ezybox (large and used for 1 shot)

2 x Pocket Wizard (not used)

1 x Pocket Wizard AC3 (not used)

1 x Tripod (Used sparingly)

2 x Calumet light (MF6027) stands (used for 1 shot)

1 x Lastolite Tri Grip reflector

1 x Tamrac Roller case

1 x LowePro Rucksack

2 x Assistants (With their own equipment of choice).

End (09/11/11).